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What is Kark?

Kark is a platform that provide application that can be connect with physical object, Collectible Card, so you can interact with the application.


Try it, it's a better way to play game with real benefit for you.


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  • Why is Kark Better?

    There are lots of games out there, but Kark offes some unique features that many of them lack, such as:

    • More Paidia than Ludos
    • More Interactive
    • Multi Platform
    • Benefit for Children

    Why Kark

  • Paidia

    More Paidia than Ludos

    Many games only accomodate Ludos, restricted by rule, structure, scenario based, one direction.

    Kark bring independence, something fresh to explore, never same experience, letting you focus to explore, interact, find causation, and understanding the meaning of a journey, instead of waste time and be more aggressive, Kark give you benefit, discover and learn at the same time.



    More Interactive

    Why should you only move in one direction?

    Kark lets our users to explore the content, combine, drag, scale, within one application.

    more interactive

  • Multi Platform



    Multi Platform

    These days, people play games using many platform, any screen size, and with any device.

    Kark retains its functionality no matter how your device are.

  • Benefit for Children

    Kark is packed with some seriously kick-ass features.

    We all know that a lot of game this day mostly don't give real benefit for kids. Rather than just waste time, make them more aggressive. All Kark application carrying moral of story, exploration, learn, and many more benefit.

    Benefit for Children

Fun Together

Fun Together

Believe or not, with Kark, your children will become more social.

Kark bring the essence of trading cards, Your kids can play, collect, challenge, trade the cards, It's social!

Fun Together

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Play is Fun

Kark Platform provide wide range of story, each have different experience that fun to play, even for offline play!

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Collectible Cards

  • Try the Armor Kingdom apps that can play first without the collectible cards
  • Get bonus Kark Point for new user, free!
  • Find the collectible cards in around your neighbourhood
  • Or, contact us for online order

Kark Platform provide wide range of story, each have different experience that fun to play, even for offline play!