Armor Kingdom

A way to bridge between online and offline platform


The basic concept is a perfect mixture of affordable collectible toys, multi-platform game, and collectible cards.

Armor Kingdom

How It Began
  • The creation of Armor Kingdom

    Designed with passion and understanding about good concept of board game that gave benefit for children, such as:

    • Encourage them to learn about critical thinking
    • Letter recognition and reading
    • Visual perception and color recognition
    • Eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity

    Sketch Armor Kingdom

  • Prototype Armor Kingdom

    Everykids love toys

    Beside collectible cards, kids also love toys, so we design one for them!

    Kark always care what kids needs, we made special design simple toys that give them enough interactivity to built with simple-to-assembly 3D puzzle that represent their collectible cards character.

    We designed it from scratch!



    Everykids are special

    We are provide a lot of varian to represent kids uniqueness character

    With many character available, kids will have new experience every opening armor kingdom toys

    and more toys character

  • 500 Armor Kingdom character






    Representing their uniqueness

    Each kids are unique, and we understand that.

    Every character we create are complete with their uniqueness, strength, attitude, behaviour, and story behind. It will help kids to understand their value as human being, and being social with others, how to communicate in a simple and fun way.

  • Kids need affordable toys

    Armor Kingdom is designed for everyone!

    We keep the price as low as we can.

    Good quality toys not always come with high price, the joy of playing can be achieve with right product design. We do a lot of research, prototyping before make it happen.

    Benefit for Children

Social Interaction

Playable offline and online in multiplatform

Armor Kingdom have been design to playable for offline and online.

There are dozen way to play Armor Kingdom in offline, your kids can play, collect, challenge, trade the cards, also they can scan it to the apps and strength their army, battle, play mini game, and share it to other, It's social!

Playable offline and online

Kark Point


Everyone can play

Kark Platform provide wide range of story, each have different experience that fun to play, even for offline play!

A way to bridge between online and offline platform

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